What is leafhub?

An industry communication tool.

leafhub is quickly gathering industry peers in a secure environment for the purpose of enabling its users to communicate like never before. We are witnessing the growth and evolution of an industry on a national and international scale creating unmet demands which leafhub was specifically designed to meet. leafhub is a concept that was birthed from observing an increasing need within the Medical Marijuana industry.

Significant industry participants were constantly looking for ways to better connect with industry peers, stay informed of critical information on important issues, bridge the gaps with new segments arising from within the industry along with regulatory bodies. After consulting with many who are rooted in the industry and those who are aspiring to become a vital part of it, leafhub was born as a solution and an accelerant to aid a growing new category.

The Details

Let’s get specific.


Modern Communication Network
leafhub is a modern communication network designed to give its users easy access to talk to their peers along with industry specific information that can be created and quickly consumed by all. The network enables all users to communicate with the entire industry or just a small segment within the industry generating forum replies or private 1 to 1 conversations.

leafhub is a network where users freely communicate with each other in a secure forum with multiple channels serving many segments.


Platform Evolution
Every industry evolves over time, the Medical Marijuana industry is evolving at a rapid pace leaving many aspects of it yet to be settled. leafhub is the perfect solution for an evolving industry as it has the ability to seamlessly adapt to ever changing needs. leafhub will customize communication channels and network its users according to the demand of the industry’s evolution Become part of the something today that will shape tomorrow!


Mobile , Tablet & Desktop
With leafhub, you never have to be disconnected from your industry again. With our array of apps for most platforms you can take the power of industry communication wherever you go. Have critical information from industry peers streamed to your desktop. Have the ability to communicate privately with any network participant in the palm of your hand with our mobile app. Get connected to your industry today and don’t be left out of the conversation.


Have a Voice
As of today there is no efficient way to send or receive a message instantly to an entire industry or a targeted segment of that industry. There is no good answer to the question “how can you reach your desired audience?” So do you really have a voice? leafhub gives its users a voice that reaches the audience desired in secure platform generating results like no other offering today. Make your voice heard, make your voice reach an audience in way that was not possible before leafhub.

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